Did Manny consider opting out? Not really

Craig Calcaterra is amused by a report that Manny Ramirez considered opting out of his $20 million deal this season with the Dodgers:



    The notion that Ramirez would have even considered walking away from $20 million for a shot at some of those big, big DH dollars everyone is throwing out these days is pretty laughable. Less laughable than disturbing is the notion that Manny Ramirez -- who, you may recall, took an extended breather during the middle of last season -- says he needs even more rest for his weary legs. Because unless he's back on the hormones, he's gonna be expected to play more than 104 games out there this year.

    Despite all of the offseason turmoil, I still think the Dodgers are the favorites in the NL West, but if Manny Ramirez is truly breaking down as fast as he claims to be, it may very well be a long season in Los Angeles.

Hey, yesterday I considered renouncing my BBWAA membership, throwing open the doors of my home, and jumping into an empty box car, never to be heard from again.

Two seconds later, I remembered how much I enjoy my work, and how much I enjoy getting paid every two weeks.

So I don't doubt that Manny considered just about anything. What's laughable is the notion that he would actually have done it. Manny being Manny is one thing, but Manny chucking $10 million is quite another.

I share Craig's skepticism about the Dodgers, who have lost Randy Wolf and Orlando Hudson and essentially replaced them with James McDonald and Blake DeWitt (and/or Ronnie Belliard). That's probably a net loss. On the other hand, the Dodgers have some room to fall. They won 95 games last season, with the run differential of a 99-win team.

I'll be surprised if they win 95 games again. But they probably won't need to.