Friday Filberts

Today's links were manufactured in a facility that also processes journalism ...

* What's the difference between a great start and a lousy start? I mean, aside from the numbers? You might be surprised by how hard it is to answer that question.

* I didn't link to the beginning of this story because I wanted to find out how much money the scabs lose every day, but now that it's become a thing, you can go back and start at the beginning if you want.

* Phil Birnbaum looks at English football and wonders if maybe the Yankees winning every year is just fine for American baseball.

* Congratulations to Tangotiger. Tough competition, and a richly deserved honor.

* Does spring training matter? If you believe Crashburn Alley (and I usually do), remarkably little.

* Great question from Big League Stew's 'Duk: If you were on "Jeopardy" and the last question was about baseball, would you bet everything even if you didn't have to? I would. But I'm afraid I would have brain-cramped and run out of time on Question 3.

* "Meet the Mess! Meet the Mess! Step right up, and greet ..."

* Yes, Robinson Cano has failed in the clutch. But as TYU notes, the real trick is figuring out if he'll continue to fail in the clutch. And if the answer is "no" -- sorry, no spoilers -- then everyone can stop worrying about it right now.

* Hey, this must be great news for my old employers. It's been almost 14 years, but a lot of my friends still work there. My hat's off to them.

* Video of the Week: You already know that Ichiro Suzuki throws lasers. Seriously, though ... he literally throws lasers.