Monday Mendozas

I apologize for the lateness of this week's Mendozas, but I felt sort of hung-over this morning. Which was odd, since I barely watched -- and hardly drank during -- the game yesterday ...

* MLB Trade Rumors unveils the Unsigned All-Star Team, and aside from Johnny Damon, it's not a particularly impressive group. Mike Jacobs makes Honorable Mention.

* Is it time for a completely new box score? Dave Allen thinks so. And however much nostalgia we might have for the old box score -- which has been essentially the same for a century, if not in data then certainly style -- something different that reflects our times is inevitable.

* In another entry in this winter's wonderful series of primers, appearing in different places, on various sabermetric tools, Viva El Birdos goes into great depth on Wins Above Replacement. Don't be late to the party!

* Dodgers Blog is right: Dan Evans was two general managers ago, but he deserves a great deal of credit for the Dodgers' recent success.

* We went over this last fall at least twice, but Crashburn Alley collects everything in a box and wraps a pretty bow around it: fundamentally there was no real difference between the Cole Hamels of 2008 and the Cole Hamels of 2009. Which means it really isn't so difficult to guess what he'll do in 2010.

* FanGraphs just got even better (and here's Tangotiger having some fun with them.)

* As I mentioned recently, it looks like Portland, Oregon -- very nearly the biggest market in the country without Major League Baseball -- is about to lose its Triple-A franchise. What's next? If one man has his way, the Class-A Portland Homers. ¡Ay caramba!

* OK, so it's both amusing and entertaining to mock the forthcoming Bud Selig statue -- maybe they'll use this pose? Such a statue is also perfectly appropriate, considering that without Selig the Brewers as we know them might not exist.