Podcast: Darvish, Nationals, Cubs

A good time was had by all on Friday’s Baseball Today podcastInsider, as Mark Simon and I discussed some surprising Thursday results, took your emails and looked ahead to an interesting weekend!

1. Curtis Granderson took the Twins deep three times in Thursday’s win, but would you believe he didn’t have the best performance of the night? We tell you who was better!

2. Yu Darvish stepped up his game against the Tigers, but what should we expect from the right-hander moving forward?

3. Simon and I pay special attention to defense, and tell you which hitters are seeing the most shifts against them, and which teams are paying attention.

4. Emailers want to know about the Cubs’ future, the Nationals’ rotation and who has scored the most runs in a game without getting a base hit?

5. It’s not only about the Red Sox and Yankees this weekend, but other series are important and we tell you which pitchers need to step up their game as well.

So download and listen to Friday’s Baseball Today podcast. We apologize for the post-production technical difficulties that hampered development of Thursday’s episode, but we’re on track today! Have a great weekend!