Watch out for Colby Rasmus

There will be no hardcore analysis here. Just two simple statements: I think Colby Rasmus is a good baseball player; I think he's going to have a big year.

Forget what happened last year, in St. Louis and then after the trade when he hurt his wrist and hit just .173 for the Blue Jays. He's still just 25 years old, he had a nice season in 2010 when he was just 23 and after a slow start things are starting to click.

Through the season's first seven games Rasmus was hitting .125 and I had somebody ask in one of my chats if Rasmus was done. One week and people were writing him off. Since then he's hit .316 with two doubles and two home runs, raising his season line to .242/.294/.452.

I like the way John Farrell is handling him, batting him eighth or ninth to start the season, keeping unnecessary pressure off him. He did move him up to fifth a couple days ago for one game, before sliding him back down the past two nights.

Rasmus is just one reason for Jays fans to be optimistic. Jose Bautista is hitting just .200, you get the feeling Brett Lawrie is ready for a tear, maybe Adam Lind will start hitting. So they're waiting for the half their lineup to heat up -- and they're still 10-7.

Could be good things happening in Toronto.