Friday Filberts

Lincecum's locked up, Damon's going to get his money soon ... How am I supposed to keep coming up with material between now and Milton Bradley's first trip to the Disabled List? My first best efforts:

* Here's Part 5 of Baseball Prospectus' rollout of SIERA, their new pitching metric. Kudos to BP for major transparency (and if you really want to geek out, there's a fantastic ongoing discussion of SIERA here).

* What happens when a baseball writer puts on the gear and catches a two-time Cy Young winner? Find out for yourself (especially if you're a Mets fan, because there's some good news for you in there).

* It's officially official: Truck Day is stupid.

* Bill Baer just might care about the Hall of Fame again ... if the voters elect (officially retired) Frank Thomas when he first becomes eligible.

* Corey Hart won his arbitration hearing, which isn't a big deal, financially; he and the Brewers were $650,000 apart. But he wasn't real good last season, and in fact he's been real good just once, in 2007. Which makes me think that was an outlier, and that Hart might never again be better than average (especially for a right fielder). Which surprises me only because he was so good in Triple-A.

* There's a list of 100 names I need to know, and Stephen Strasburg is No. 31? I'd better really study up on those 30 guys ahead of him.

* Nomar Garciaparra in the Hall of Fame? No, no, a thousand times no. Yes, his rate stats are Hall of Fame gaudy (for a shortstop, anyway). But the playing time -- and thus the value -- just isn't there.

* We no longer have an annual Sporting News Baseball Guide -- that went the way of the Dodo and the Labrador Duck a few years ago -- but SABR's Emerald Guide to Baseball is a worthy replacement ... and it's free!