Thursday Throneberries

Today's links were cobbled together while sending my heartiest psychic congratulations to David Ortiz and Brent Leach ...
• I'm not sure if you guys visit Page 2 as often as you should ... If not, you simply must see Jim Caple's latest (especially if you don't remember the 1980s, because if you don't see it you won't believe it).

• As Howard Megdal writes, now the Mets might need a new shortstop, too. What they need more than anything is a few more good players. Watching the end of Wednesday night's game, we were treated to the presence of Ramon Martinez, Angel Pagan, and Jeremy Reed. Not to mention Daniel Murphy at first base, a bad idea that finally turned into a bad actual thing. I know the Mets have to pay their superstars ... but David Wright and Jose Reyes are getting less than $14 million between them this season. Just saying.

• In case you haven't heard, scoring is up this season. So far, the crackpot theories are mostly on the down-low ... but just wait 'til June!

• Does good chemistry lead to wins? Or do wins lead to great chemistry? Tim Marchman prefers Alex Cora's take: "Chemistry is a three-game winning streak. You win three or four games in a row and everyone gets along. You lose three or four and there's problems in the clubhouse." Also, there's the science.

• In the wake of Ryan Church's game-blowing gaffe the other night, Alan Schwarz revisits some of history's other baserunning bloopers.

• What happens when JoePo meets Cartoon Man to talk about a Big Unit? See for yourself.

This is Super Cool (and so is this!).

• As officially sanctioned t-shirts go, this one's pretty good.