Clearing the bases: Hello, finally & thanks

First: Christian Friedrich made the first start of his career for the Rockies in what might be considered close to the definitive soft landing: Facing a Padres team with the worst record in the National League, in Petco, against the 15th-ranked offense in the circuit. Whether you want to use plain-old runs scored or OPS+ or wOBA or what have you, if there’s one thing the Padres don’t have, it’s offense, park-adjusted or not. Which takes nothing away from a nifty first start. The Rockies lefty gave up just two runs on six baserunners in six innings, striking out seven. In beating the Padres he did something the more highly touted Drew Pomeranz and Alex White had not. As GM Dan O’Dowd tries to work around a couple of injuries in the rotation, it was a nice way to break Friedrich in.

Second: Ervin Santana got run support for only the second time this season, as the Angels tripled the total number of runs they’ve scored on the season for him by putting six runs on the board. Santana had not seen a single run scored during his ballgames -- whether he was in the game or in the showers -- since April 8 against the Royals. He’s now gotten a whopping nine runs of support across seven individual starts, and all of those runs were scored against the two worst teams in the league, because his club was shut out by the Yankees, Rays, Blue Jays, Indians and Athletics in the other five.

Third: Since coming off the disabled list, Allen Craig has been back in action for exactly one week’s worth of games, but he’s already hit three times as many home runs as a certain famous former Cardinal has for the Angels, having added a third shot on the season against the D-backs on Wednesday night. He’s slugging .778 and batting cleanup between Matt Holliday and David Freese -- and not even that will guarantee him any kind of job security before the week is out, because with Lance Berkman due back from the DL on Friday, he’s doomed to get shunted back into last year’s “best bench bat in baseball” job he held for the world champs. Albert who?

Home plate: The tweet of the night goes to Sean Ahmed, a fellow University of Chicago grad with good taste in broadcasters:

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