Owners slap down fans ... again

Bravo, Major League Baseball. Maury Brown:

    Major League Baseball's quarterly meetings have just ended, and with that, the vote to redefine MLB's television territories has, yet again, been tabled. The issue has now been tabled for the last two years.
    The vote that was tabled centers around a proposal by MLB President and COO, Bob DuPuy. That proposal would have owners risk losing a geographic area of a territory they currently are claiming if they have not broadcast into that area for at least one season, thus lifting the blackout restriction for that geographic location.

    Based upon the lateness of the season, odds seem exceptionally long that the issue will be addressed by the end of the season. Based upon the structure of the television territories, arcane blackouts occur at the regional and local level.

This was a foregone conclusion. Everything that happens at these meetings is a foregone conclusion. In the old days, these meetings were interesting and occasionally dramatic, as owners stood up and made arguments and pleaded and met in secret broom closets and conspired against one another.
Today, though? Today the owners get together a few times each year to ratify decisions that have already been made, and this one was already in the bag. Today the owners simply made official the same slap across the face that they've been giving to baseball fans for many years.

Bravo, baseball magnates. Bra-vo.