Monday Mendozas

Today's links will only work if you take all of them ...

* I have no idea what you should do with it. I do know that if you want to know which teams have paid a huge amount of money to players on the disabled list (coughMetscough) and which haven't (ahemWhite Soxahem), you need only look at Jeff Zimmerman's fine work at Beyond the Box Score. (Also, to indulge a friend: From 2002 through 2009, $2.9 billion was spent on disabled players.)

* Why can't I take the Rangers all that seriously this season? Because as Mike Spiciarich notes, every Ranger starter comes with a big question mark.

* Bill Baer looks at the Nationals and finds many reasons for optimism. I can't really disagree, except we don't yet know if management -- most particularly, the owner and the general manager -- has the right stuff for this job.

* What's that? You're ready for pie charts and bar graphs and (seriously) Spider charts? Bookmark the new Bloomberg Sports Blog. I did.

* Is there a relatively simple way to predict which young pitchers will get hurt and/or suffer a significant performance decline? After all of these years and all of those words, the jury's still out.

* Tim Marchman's not quite buying the Mariners as contenders. I see his point, and while the M's certainly could win 88 games, they could just as easily win 80 and finish third.

* I don't know if looking like Superman is good for a third baseman, but David Wright's giving it the old college try.

* Yeah, for the money Russell Branyan's a fine sign. But how does he help the Indians, exactly? And why didn't the Rays outbid the Indians and enter the season with a fine DH platoon? Because last time I checked, Sean Rodriguez was a right-handed hitter.

* Before running through his latest injury report, Rick Wilton asks a fundamental question: Can we quantify injuries?

* Via the Biz of Baseball, some stuff I would definitely buy if I were fabulously wealthy.