Really??? (American edition)

Welcome to a new SweetSpot feature called "Really?"
Today: the American League!

Later today: the National League!

(And yes, this will be a continuing series if you absolutely demand it. Or not. Either way, everything will be fine. I promise.)

Really, Boston Red Sox? You're really going to keep acting as if there's nothing wrong with David Ortiz? And you're really going to let Clay Buchholz rot in the International League while Brad Penny continues to have so much trouble missing bats?

Really, Tampa Bay Rays? You really haven't yanked Scott Kazmir from your starting rotation yet, even though he's not throwing hard enough and his statistics are in a dizzying free fall?

Really, Baltimore Orioles? You're really going to play Gregg Zaun instead of Matt Wieters and you're really going to keep giving 20 percent of your starts to Adam Eaton, whose ERA since 2006 is 6.31 ... and rising every five days?

Really, Detroit Tigers? After giving up on Carlos Guillen as a shortstop and a third baseman and a left fielder, you're really giving him significant at-bats as your designated hitter even though he seems to have completely forgotten how to hit?

Really, Kansas City Royals? You really think that shortstop Mike Aviles is the player he looked like in 2008 rather than the player he looked like during the many years before 2008. It's probably true that he can't continue to play as poorly as he has ... but will he play as well as a Triple-A shortstop?

Really, Chicago White Sox? As if your problems in center field weren't bad enough, you're really going to keep featuring a middle infield composed of Alexei Ramirez and Chris Getz, both of whom currently rank among the worst hitters in the league?

Really, Minnesota Twins? You're really going to employ a four-man outfield that includes Carlos Gomez, even though he's playing even worse this year than he did last year? (Granted, Delmon Young's not hitting much better than Gomez, who can at least save a few runs with his glove.)

Really, Cleveland Indians? You're really going to keep trotting Fausto Carmona out there every five days, even though since his fantastic 2007 season he's got a 5.52 ERA, and more walks than strikeouts?

Really, Oakland Athletics? You're really going to find a position for Bobby Crosby nearly every day -- often one of the corner power positions! -- even though he hasn't been even a decent major league hitter since 2005?