Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links don't have to mean anything, you know? They're just beautiful to watch, like Willie Mays in center field or Mount Hood on a clear day in February ...

* Oh, these pesky youngsters and their sabermetrics. What shall be done with them?

* From the Great Joe Posnanski, a Great Al Michaels Baseball Story.

* What happens when you put six first basemen in the lineup? Lots of runs scored? Nope. Lots of runs allowed? Again, nope. For all the details, check out Mike Curto's expose as he continues his rousing start in the blogosphere.

* Jonah Keri's right: we need Bill James on Twitter!

* Yes, the Yankees' center fielder will be the guy who plays every day and makes a lot more than the guy who will play in left field semi-regularly. Is anyone really surprised?

* Hey, figure filberts! When you run your projections for the Dodgers' record in 2010, what are you telling your computer machines to do with this?

* On a related note ... Riddle me this, Batman: Why doesn't stuff like this make people mad enough to do something about it?

* This story really isn't all that interesting without the headline.

* Via NPR, a good, long interview with James Hirsch, author of the new, (officially) best-selling Willie Mays biography. Consider this a warm-up for more great Hirsch/Mays material tomorrow, on this very page.