Podcast: Aces, Oswalt, angry coach

It wasn’t exactly a rainbows and unicorns day on the Wednesday edition of the Baseball Today podcast as Keith Law and discussed injured pitchers, an angry pitching coach and more.

1. Yep, stick a fork in the Angels and Phillies now that their aces are gone. Are you kidding? Keith and I take issue with assuming anything in the May standings.

2. Roy Oswalt was league average last year, and now he’s a significant pickup for the Rangers? Or is he?

3. White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper doesn’t want to hear from people who didn’t play major league baseball. We tell you why.

4. Our emailers want to talk about teams that are for real, where Troy Tulowitzki bats in Colorado’s order and draft boards.

5. Wednesday’s schedule features the streaking Angels against the Yankees, but also the erratic Brandon Morrow and the struggling Tim Lincecum.

So download and listen to Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast and smile, smile, smile!