Really??? (National edition)

Next up: the National League edition of Really? (And if it seems like there are more Reallys in the National League, maybe that's my pro-AL bias or maybe it helps explain why the NL gets run over by the AL in the interleague games every year.)

Really, Philadelphia Phillies? You're really going to keep splitting the catching duties between right-handed hitters Carlos Ruiz and Chris Coste, even though Coste has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's the far superior hitter? Maybe there's not much to be done about the struggles of Joe Blanton, Jamie Moyer, and Brad Lidge. But giving more plate appearances to the better hitter doesn't seem all that hard to figure out.

Really, New York Mets? Livan Hernandez wasn't good enough to pitch for the Twins or the Mets last year, but he's really good enough to start every five days for your $149 million team? Yes, his ERA is currently hovering a few hundredths below 5 ... but you must know that can't last, right?

Really, Atlanta Braves? You're really going to keep running baseball's worst outfield out there, night after night? You really believe that Jordan Schafer is ready for the majors, and you really believe that Jeff Francoeur is going to come around any day? Really?

Really, Florida Marlins? We all fell in love with Emilio Bonifacio during that magical first week, but are you really going to keep playing him at third base every day, even though he's done almost nothing since the middle of April?

Really, Washington Nationals? I mean, really?

Really, Milwaukee Brewers? Everything else is going so well, but does that really mean you have to give the lion's share of the time behind the plate to Jason Kendall?

Really, St. Louis Cardinals? With the return of Chris Carpenter, you're really going to keep Todd Wellemeyer (5.87 ERA) in the rotation and demote prospect Mitchell Boggs (3.22)?

Really, Chicago Cubs? You're really not ready to give up on Derrek Lee, while Micah Hoffpauir (mostly) rides the bench and young Jake Fox rots away in Iowa? Have you really not looked at Lee's lousy numbers since April of last year?

Really, Houston Astros? You're really not convinced that third baseman Geoff Blum's .295 on-base percentage since 2002 might tell you something worth knowing about his ability to contribute as an every-day player?

Really, Pittsburgh Pirates? You're really going to keep using Matt Capps in key spots, even though whatever was wrong with his elbow a few weeks ago doesn't seem to have magically fixed itself? Capps has now walked eight batters in 14 innings after walking only five in 54 innings last year. Really.

Really, Los Angeles Dodgers? You're really not going to even think about your next shortstop, even though your current shortstop isn't hitting or running or fielding like a major leaguer this spring?

Really, San Francisco Giants? Rich Aurilia and Travis Ishikawa -- two very different players, except neither has done anything with the bat this season -- constitute maybe the worst first-base platoon in the history of platooning, and you're really not looking outside the organization for an alternative?

Really, Arizona Diamondbacks? You're really just going to sit there and let four of your regulars bat under .200 into late May? (Yes, I know there's nothing you can do about Chad Tracy, Stephen Drew, Conor Jackson and Chris Young. I just wanted to mention that four of your regulars are batting under .200.)