Podcast: Draft talk with Keith Law

Drafts were on our minds for Thursday’s Baseball Today podcast, not only the upcoming amateur draft but also ESPN’s Franchise Player Draft. Keith Law and I explain it all!

1. Who would be the one player you start a franchise with? We discuss our picks and also the injuries to a few of the top players.

2. The Colorado Rockies moved on from the Jamie Moyer experiment, and we discuss what might be next for the left-handed gentleman.

3. Russell Martin and an umpire had an interesting Wednesday night, interesting and sad. This one is hard to believe.

4. Emailers have questions on the amateur draft, which starts Monday, and Keith answers them!

5. Thursday’s schedule is a shallow one, but we’ll be watching the erratic Max Scherzer as well as the home/road blues for Brewers right-hander Zack Greinke. Are those splits explainable?

So download and listen to Thursday’s fine Baseball Today podcast and have a great day! We’ll return on Friday.