Podcast: Power rankings, rising Arizona

Another week, another set of interesting Power Rankings to get us going! Mark Simon joined me for Monday’s Baseball Today podcast and a good time was had by all!

1. We separately supply our top-10 teams, with one major difference, and also point out the worst of the worst.

2. Good for Dusty Baker in how he used Aroldis Chapman Sunday night, but the end result was a Detroit win. Is this the start of a Tigers' turnaround?

3. The Diamondbacks haven’t lost since a few of their players were ripped by the team’s managing general partner. Coincidence? Plus, Stephen Drew answers back.

4. Emails normal, ridiculous and a new one -- ludicrous -- are dissected, concerning the Pirates, Mariners organization pitching and more!

5. Light schedule on Monday, but all four games involve potential playoff teams. And no, we’re not Joshing ya.

So download and listen to Monday’s fine Baseball Today podcast, or else you’ll be as unlucky as Bobby Parnell. You don’t want to be as unlucky as Bobby Parnell.