Podcast: Mets, Orioles, more Matt Cain

We closed another fantastic week on the Baseball Today podcast with Friday’s episode, in which SweetSpot blogger Dave Schoenfield and I continued to rave about perfection and Mike Trout, but also quite a bit more.

1. Kudos to the Mets and Orioles for midweek interleague sweeps against other contenders. Believe it or not, the Mets and Orioles are each in the top 10 in runs scored!

2. We get Dave’s opinion on Matt Cain and the greatest games ever pitched, and praise R.A. Dickey for postgame comments about his performance.

3. Dave shares his thoughts on what Team USA could look like in the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

4. Our emailers have thoughts on Randy Johnson’s dominance, Wrigley Field and more!

5. ESPN Sunday Night Baseball will feature the Red Sox and Cubs, but there is plenty of other interesting action, including Yankees-Nationals, Reds-Mets and Chris Sale versus Clayton Kershaw!

So download and listen to Friday’s fine Baseball Today podcast, thanks again for supporting the show and have a great weekend!