Chat wrap: Best 2012 World Series?

So, somewhere in the middle of Tuesday's two-hour chat session, the following question popped up: What World Series matchup would you like to see (of ones that are realistic?)

To me, I'm interested in some combination of good storylines, exciting players and teams, and franchises that haven't won before or in a long time. The Yankees are always interesting on a certain level, but there's nothing intrinsically interesting about the Yankees returning to another World Series unless you're a Yankees fan or love seeing the Yankees with a title on the line. So the Yankees don't make my list anywhere.

Here are my top five World Series matchups as I sit here on July 3. And to make it more interesting, I can name a team just once in the list:

1. Angels versus Nationals. Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Stephen Strasburg, Albert Pujols. Man ... it almost seems like this is the showdown the baseball gods are insisting will happen, no?

2. Indians versus Pirates. OK, pretty unlikely and the TV ratings would tank, but you'd have a team that hasn't won since 1948 against the Cinderella Pirates, a team that would be in the postseason for the first time since 1992.

3. Rangers versus Reds. Lots of drama here as the Rangers would have their third attempt at a first World Series title facing off against Joey Votto and company. Plus, you'd have Dusty Baker, who woud be trying to erase years of bitter postseason results and win his first title as a manager.

4. Red Sox versus Dodgers. Middle America might not like this matchup, but it would be fun for the media to go nuts with. The Red Sox in it after everyone counted them out. The Dodgers in it despite all their issues of last season. Bobby Valentine! Magic Johnson! East Coast versus West Coast! Big Papi versus Clayton Kershaw! Cody Ross versus James Loney!

5. Tigers versus Mets. Especially if Justin Verlander and R.A. Dickey square off in Games 1, 4 and 7.

What would be your top five using the same criteria?