2012 All-Star Game: Ninth inning

The drama, the suspense: Will Adam Dunn get into the game or not?

Surprisingly, Tony La Russa turns to Diamondbacks rookie Wade Miley to begin the ninth ... but Jonathan Papelbon and Joel Hanrahan are getting loose. So looks like he's going to give everyone a chance to pitch. He better hope this game doesn't go extra innings.

Joe Mauer leads off with a single. After Elvis Andrus grounds into a force, La Russa sends Terry Collins out to bring in Hanrahan. And Padres fans are livid that Huston Street hasn't appeared! (Do Padres fans actually get livid? Do they care if Street actually appears in the game or not? Questions to ponder in an 8-0 game.)

As somebody named Tim Williams tweets, "Joel Hanrahan coming in to close it out and secure home-field advantage for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2012 World Series."

Ahh, too bad, Tim ... Papelbon is coming on for the final out after Hanrahan strikes out Hometown Hero Billy Butler. I dream of the days when All-Star Games only had nine-man pitching staffs. Even if it meant Roger Pavlik had to pitch two innings. (Yes, that actually happened. And, yes, I've managed to reference Roger Pavlik, Ken Harvey, Ricky Bottalico and Bruce Bochte in this All-Star diary.)

And that's it. Matt Wieters flies out to right field. National League 8, American League 0. A win for the Chipper!