Podcast: Power rankings, Mets, Crawford

Is your team still in the race? Mark Simon claims his team is out of it! Anyway, Mark and I gathered for Monday's Baseball Today podcast, talking about the weekend results both good and bad for certain teams and much more!

1. Are the Mets and Diamondbacks done? Mark and I disagree on what sample size means, but this also affects buyers and sellers.

2. This all leads to our Power Rankings. Mark says I cannot make a case for the Rays over the Pirates ... well, I just did!

3. What is the worst way to lose a game? The Dodgers found out on Saturday, and we share stories and thoughts.

4. What is Ozzie Guillen doing messing with the great Bryce Harper? OK, seriously, what is Ozzie doing?

5. Monday is a big night at Fenway Park as not only does Kevin Youkilis return, but so does a certain former Rays outfielder!

Plus your emails, even the ridiculous kind! So download and listen to Monday's Baseball Today Podcast, because there's some really good debate today and it's all in good fun!