Podcast: Astros-Jays deal, key matchups

OK, so Mark Simon and I got just a bit ridiculous at times on Friday’s Baseball Today podcast, but there was much information and entertainment and hey, isn’t that a good thing? Here are some of the topics discussed:

1. Edinson Volquez nearly tossed the first Padres no-hitter ever, and the only blemish was a play that many pitchers could have made. Also, how bad are the Astros?

2. We discussed the breaking news as the Astros and Jays exchanged many players in a trade that probably won’t make much noise. Or will it?

3. Chipper Jones is aging nicely, and as Mark points out, his defense has become a strength. Also, Brett Lawrie gets evaluated a bit differently now.

4. Our emailers sent us down a ridiculous path, but we like that! Among the issues today were the haul Mark Teixeira brought back, home runs to runs and RBI ratios and of course, the All-Sitcom team. We kid you not.

5. It’s a big weekend not only for the Rangers and Angels, but the top American League Central teams and top National League East teams meet. The pitching matchups are rather interesting.

So download and listen to Friday’s Baseball Today podcast and have a little fun, because as Crash Davis said in Bull Durham, “This game’s fun, OK?” Oh, and hold the ball like an egg.