Is Adrian Gonzalez back on track?

Among the many issues with the Boston Red Sox, one that received little attention was the struggles of Adrian Gonzalez. An MVP candidate in 2011 when he hit .338/.410/.548 and hit 27 home runs while leading the American League with 213 hits, Gonzalez was hitting .263 with a .722 OPS and just six home runs through June 25.

As ESPN Stats & Information points out, he's looked more like the 2011 A-Gone since then, hitting .407 with three home runs and a .977 OPS. One big difference has been a key in his strikeout -- 18.3 percent through June 25, 9.3 percent since.

While he's known for his ability to go to the opposite field, he's also been pulling the ball with more effectiveness. Through June 25, he had just 22 pull hits and was hitting .265; since, he has 13 pull hits while batting .406. You can see the difference in his hit chart:

Overall, Gonzalez has pulled five of his nine home runs. Last year, he hit 13 of his 27 home runs to right field. The power production is still way down from 2011, but it appears his swing is finally coming around. The question for the Red Sox: Is it too late?