Where's the joy in Unit's 300th?

Randy Johnson picked up his 299th win Wednesday night, and yet his quest for 300 still seems to be attended mostly by ... crickets. For example, Calcaterra: Johnson

    I'll admit, I'm far more underwhelmed by Johnson's quest for 300 than I have been for any recent milestone save [Barry] Bonds' pursuit of the home run record. Part of it has to do with the fact that even Randy Johnson doesn't seem to be enjoying it. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say it's because he's such a tough and serious competitor, but the fact is that he has never given any indication that he truly enjoys being on the field, and because of that, it's hard to get behind him for this kind of thing. It also doesn't help that he's kind of staggering towards 300. Yes, he looked good last night, but that's mostly because (a) Chipper Jones is obviously hurt; and (b) the rest of the Braves' lineup rivaled some of the ones they ran out back in the Chuck Tanner days.
    Last night notwithstanding, Johnson is very, very hittable these days, and his ERA is still close to 6. I appreciate all he's accomplished in his career and want him to get to 300, but I can't say that his quest has been at all enjoyable.

I think Craig's spot-on here. There are two sorts of accomplishments that most of us tend to enjoy: Those that surprise us, and those that make us happy for whoever's doing the accomplishing. You might not have liked David Wells, but you couldn't help but enjoy his perfect game because such a feat comes out of nowhere and reminds us why we enjoy the game. Cal Ripken's 2,131st straight game wasn't a great surprise, but Ripken was one of baseball's more likeable figures and most of us were rooting for him to get there.
Randy Johnson, though? Craig's right: Johnson's never been easy to root for. He's always come across as dour (if not downright surly), plus he seemed to quit on the Mariners in 1998 (even if his strikeouts might argue otherwise). Is that fair? I don't have any idea. For all we know, Johnson loves the game and its fans, dotes on his kids, and spends his spare time nursing orphaned ducklings. But we don't know, and so I'm afraid that 300 just won't be as much fun -- for us, and probably for him, at least outwardly -- as we would like.