Podcast: Hanley! Hamels! A-Rod!

Well, a few things happened on Tuesday night in the great game of baseball worth discussing, dontcha think? Keith Law and I tried to recap it all for Wednesday's Baseball Today podcast!

1. Cole Hamels became a really, really rich man by opting to stay in Philly, but do we like this deal? And is it the right deal for the last-place Phillies?

2. Hanley Ramirez is a Dodger, but which version of Hanley is L.A. getting? And why is this team trying to get more pitching? Plus, between the Astros and Marlins, which team is more embarrassing today?

3. The Yankees lose their Hall of Fame third baseman for awhile, but can the franchise simply go out and trade for a Chase Headley, or will it be a lot of Eric Chavez at the hot corner?

4. Our emailers have thoughts about Rangers shortstops, Houston tanking and why it's not like other sports, and defensive value.

5. Wednesday's schedule features Hanley and his Dodgers in St. Louis, but we also have thoughts about Josh Beckett, Tim Lincecum and Ricky Romero, among others.

So download and listen to Wednesday's Baseball Today podcast. Yeah, it's a shame there was nothing in the news to discuss (sarcasm!) but we persevered!