Podcast: Trade deadline, contraction, Jays

With the non-waiver trade deadline quickly approaching, Keith Law and I talked about all the potential action ahead as well as numerous interesting prospects to highlight on Thursday’s Baseball Today podcast!

1. With Zack Greinke, Josh Johnson, a few Cubs and more on the market, which pitcher should be most in demand? And which teams need those pitchers?

2. Any trade rumor involving the Rangers seems to involve prospect Mike Olt. So who would we compare him to?

3. Things keep getting worse for the Blue Jays, but do they have any obligation to stop using a struggling pitcher like Ricky Romero?

4. Our emailers want to know about franchise contraction, the MVP award, the Twins’ future and more!

5. Thursday’s limited schedule is noteworthy for the likely big league debuts for Matt Harvey and Starling Marte. Who are these guys?

So download and listen to Thursday’s Baseball Today podcast and have a great day!