Another take on Yunel Escobar

Chip Buck writes for our Red Sox blog, Fire Brand of the AL. I recommend reading Chip's column he published today on the Yunel Escobar situation. At the end of the piece, Chip writes:

If you want to know why we haven’t seen a gay Jackie Robinson, this is why. Pressure, prejudice, malicious threats. It’s a brutal road to walk. Many consider closeted players to be cowards. Perhaps, but who can really blame them. When players like Escobar are cryptically spreading homophobic slurs, I can’t imagine many feel comfortable coming out to even their closest friends on their team.

I don’t want it to seem like I’m saying Escobar is *the* problem. He’s not, but he’s definitely a symptom of a larger problem. We place too much focus on sexuality and the erroneous and overblown stereotypes associated with homosexuals like myself. We’re really no different than our heterosexual brethren. Until we learn to move past these forms of prejudice, we’ll continue to deal with situations such as this one. It’s sad state of affairs. Hopefully, baseball and its players will learn from Escobar’s mistake, so this doesn’t have to happen again.