Thursday Throneberries

Today's links are so self-confident that they don't really care what you think about them ...

* Big news on the trade front, with an unhappy Joba maybe heading to Pittsburgh and Tony La Russa's found his Ideal Pitcher.

* Today's biggest news, though, is about the Steinbrenners getting out of the baseball business (and though it's not mentioned in the story, I've heard rumors that the SteinBrothers are interested in reviving a moribund yachting company; ships off the old block, those boys).

* I've heard of "lifetime contracts" ... but this seems a little ridiculous.

* A few days ago I submitted my predicted division winners, and I had the Braves finishing ahead of the Phillies ... Hold your fire, Phillies phans ... I changed my mind, and got my revised picks into the system just in time. And after reading this sad news, I'm glad I did.

* Right now it's just football. But apparently this method can be adapted to cover managers, and figure exactly how many runs they're worth.

* Well, looks like we can cross off Aroldis Chapman from our list of Cincinnati's rotation candidates. As John Sickels reports, Chapman's amazing athleticism has convinced the Reds to give him a shot in the outfield.

* Sometimes I still wonder what this guy might have done if he'd cared less about yoga and more about baseball.