Monday Mendozas

Today's links are just killing time until Jack Cust returns to the big leagues ...

* Ask anybody who works for a team and they'll tell you that character (and by extension, "chemistry") really does matter. Well, guess what? MGL has found numbers to back it up (and I'm pretty sure he's not just messing with us).*

* MGL was, as it turns out, just messing with us. Well played, sir. Well played, indeed.

* Until this story came over the transom, I'd somehow forgotten the presence of another knuckleballer in our midst (if only a some-timer).

* Ever wanted to know where all 30 teams got their names? Here you go.

* Pwn3d.

* Click for the continuing insanity, stay for psychedelic map.

* David Appelman and FanGraphs are giving you to opportunity to vote for your three stars of every game (NHL-style). It never took, but Bill James once suggested another (far more sophisticated) version called Directly Observed Value (subscribers-only).

* Speaking of Mr. James, he's said (here, again subscribers-only) that evaluating college players is 95 percent scouting, 5 percent statistics. Maybe, or maybe not.

* This month, you can purchase one of my favorite baseball books for the grand price of ... absolutely nothing. Sure, it's just an e-book. (In the same vein, Dover Publications is doing some great work with new editions of old books, including this one.)