Would you want your team to sign Melky?

Asked that on Twitter. A few of the responses:

My team had Melky Cabrera, and he was terrible. So no, I'd rather not go there again. -- @oldgransker

At 2/$16M? Sure. -- @m_techner

yes, good value now -- @RyanWhytsell

Absolutely. He paid his time, would love him on the @Twins. -- @mZimm22

maybe when hell freezes over -- @malcolm_purdy

no look at numbers without steroids. -- @dankoch1

For two years, $16 million? Absolutely. -- @pearsonw

no he's a cheater and disrespected the sport and all who came before him. Just like bonds, McGuire, manny etc... -- @JJT0523

At that contract? Yes. Very much yes. -- @DanDotLewis

Yes. And was wanting this before he did sign with Jays -- @GrubersMullet

I would, and then turn around and trade him for Jonathan Sanchez the following off-season....oh wait.... -- @patronaut0709

At that price and assuming my team needs a corner OF? Sure. -- @andrewkarcher

Or Bartolo, whatever. I would, of course, be in support of any pitcher named after my favorite Italian wine. -- @StevePaulo

nope...5 years 5 different teams tells alot about character --@Chuch

Considering Mets' outfield situation, I'd say yes to Melky. But if Mets had even competent OFs, then no way. -- @CoachShemanski