Friday Filberts

Today's links are exhausted after only five days of baseball. Today's links just don't have the energy they had when they were young links.

* How old is retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens? He saw Babe Ruth call his Shot.

* What did George Bernard Shaw think about baseball? As usual, The Common Man has some uncommon knowledge.

* From The Daily Something, a legend checked and a managerial philosophy that I like very much.

* I've always (sort of) wanted to write a book about brilliantly talented young pitchers who got hurt before getting a real chance to achiever their pitcherness. From Steven Goldman, here's Exhibit No. 1.

* As Fungoes points out, Rich Harden did something really weird Wednesday night.

* You know what's really hard? Accurately naming pitches. I once found this out . But with the Pitchf/x data, there's an obvious opportunity for deeper analysis and Max Marchi is taking a good whack at it.

* I'll throw in a link on Monday, but if you prefer your radio more immediately, today's Fresh Air will feature a great baseball lineup, including Reggie Jackson and Bruce Webber (whose utterly brilliant book is just out in paperback, best 11 or 12 bucks you'll ever spend as a baseball fan).

* I'm with Dave Cameron: let's (unofficially) retire GB/FB.

* During the off-season, we linked to a bunch of sabermetrics primers in this space, and it's probably just about time to stop. But Opening Day brings new readers, so one last batch today: Crashburn Alley's Bill Baer's three-part series covers hitting, pitching, and fielding, etc.

* And if a few web pages aren't enough, this new book (reviewed by BTF's Dan Szymborski) might be for you.

* Remember that knuckleballer we were talking about last year? No, not Tim Wakefield. Not Charlie Haeger. No, I mean the teenage girl from Japan who throws a sidearm knuckleball. She's going to pitch in the U.S. this summer.

* If there's one pitcher who can get away with publicly criticizing a veteran umpire, I suppose it's probably Mo Rivera.

* Finally, Carson Cistulli wraps up The Week What Was (so far).