Random great photo from the past

From left: Mark McGwire, Ron Kittle, Tony La Russa, Walt Weiss, Ozzie Guillen and Jose Canseco. Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

There are so many things to enjoy about this photo, taken in 1991.

1. First of all, what an electric group! Why were Ron Kittle and Ozzie Guillen chosen to pose with four members of the A's?

2. Love Kittle's big 1980s glasses.

3. Jose Canseco's mullet was always underrated.

4. The tucked-in windbreaker look needs to come back into style.

5. Ozzie looks young enough that he probably hadn't learned to swear yet in English.

6. Sure, you can say it.

The date on the photo says April 1, 1991, but that can't be right since the White Sox didn't play the A's in Oakland in April. More likely, the photo was taken during a late May trip to the Oakland Coliseum -- even though Kittle was on the DL at the time. (His first game wasn't until July 20.) The White Sox played the A's again in September, but Kittle was released in August, ending his career.

Update: As Harper Gordek and at least one commenter below pointed out, these guys were all Rookies of the Year managed by La Russa. Not sure how I missed that. So, great photo!