Fontenot comes up 'short'

Here's Pinto on the final event in the Cubs' 4-3 loss to the Reds, Saturday night:

    With men on first and third and one out in the bottom of the 11th, Adam Rosales hits a slow roller to third. Jay Bruce runs on contact, and Mike Fotenot throws high to the plate. Soto has to jump for the ball, and Bruce slides in under him for the winning run. The Reds defeat the Cubs 4-3 and break a tie for third with Chicago.

I bring this up only because of something that struck me just a few moments before the game-ending play: Mike Fontenot is short. I know this isn't exactly new news, but sometimes a picture really is worth a few hundred words, and Fontenot's five feet and eight inches really hit home when I saw him standing next to 6'3" Bruce and the Reds' third-base coach, Mark Berry (who's "only" six feet tall).
The headline on Pinto's headline is "Missing Aramis Ramirez" ... but more specifically, what the Cubs might have been missing was Aramis Ramirez's 73 inches, those "extra" five inches of which just might have been enought to get the baseball past Bruce's broad shoulders and into Geovany Soto's mitt in time for the tag.

More generally, the Cubs are missing Ramirez's bat. But tonight they lost mostly because Fontenot wasn't big enough to make a play in the 11th, and also because he made a throwing error in the first inning that contributed to three unearned runs. It's not likely that the Cubs will miss the playoffs by one game, so it's likely that this particular game was essentially meaningless. But, you know ... a game here and a game there, and suddenly you're staring at a really boring October.