Friday Filberts

Today's links are sleepy. Today's links will see you in the morning.

* You know I love my graphics, and it's hard to love them more than I love Kevin Dame's score trackers. I don't know if they add anything, but they sure are pretty to look at.

* Speaking of pretty, Wezen-Ball has a lovely look at the broadcasters we've grown up with.

* In Zack Greinke's last 46 starts, he's got a 2.11 ERA, which I'm guessing is pretty easily the lowest in the major leagues. By way of comparison, Tim Lincecum's got a 2.35 ERA in his last 46 starts, and he's been pitching to pitchers two or three times per game. Lincecum's record over that span? 25-9. Greinke's record? I'll let Posnanski tell you that, along with the rest of the grisly details. A warning: This story is significantly more disturbing than Stephen King's morbid new baseball yarn.

* Mike Lupica thinks Commissioner Bud should yank the All-Star Game from Arizona if the state doesn't rescind its new immigration policies. I'm not going to get into that whole thing here, but I'm not sure Lupica's wrong (nor am I sure that he's right; I tend to see grays when my colleagues are seeing blacks and whites).

* From Jorge Posada's fascinating rundown of pitchers he's caught, two Andy Pettitte nuggets: as a first-year minor leaguer, Pettitte's nickname was "Knucksie" ... yes, because his out-pitch was a knuckleball. The Yankees made him stop throwing it. And I'm sorry to report that Pettitte says his knuckler is now lost and presumably gone forever.

* Tim Marchman asks an interesting question: Did George Will's "Men at Work" -- just out in a 20th Anniversary edition -- anticipate baseball's statistical revolution?

* Hey, here's a bit of good news: If ballpark maestro Janet Marie Smith has her way, the "updated" Camden Yards won't feature wraparound L.E.D. display boards. Those things are a blight on the sport (and among the reasons I found my visit to SkyDome a few years ago vaguely unpleasant).

* And here's more good news, for the weekend: one of my favorite baseball T-shirts is back in stock.