The myth of the proven closer

2012 Giants: Sergio Romo, three career saves before 2012.

2011 Cardinals: Jason Motte, 12 career saves when postseason began.

2010 Giants: Brian Wilson, 3.73 career ERA at start of season.

2009 Phillies: Reached World Series despite closer Brad Lidge, who went 0-8 with 7.21 ERA.

2008 Rays: Reached World Series with rookie David Price, no career saves.

2007 Rockies: Reached Series with rookie Manny Corpas, zero career saves before 2007.

2006 Cardinals: Rookie Adam Wainwright had three career saves when playoffs began.

2005 White Sox: Rookie Bobby Jenks had six career saves when playoffs began.

2004 Red Sox: Keith Foulke had been 0-2 with no saves in two prior postseasons.

2003 Marlins: Josh Beckett closed out Game 6 with a complete game, not Ugueth Urbina.