Detroit's battling No. 5's

Did you know that Armando Galarraga's rotation slot has been questioned? Well, according to John Lowe, Galarraga's now safe because the Tigers have two other starters who are a lot worse than him ...

    Jeremy Bonderman's return hasn't cost Armando Galarraga his spot in the rotation, at least not for now.
    Tigers manager Jim Leyland said Tuesday that Galarraga will take his regular turn Saturday in Pittsburgh. Sunday's starter will be either Bonderman or Dontrelle Willis, with the other evidently to be skipped at least this time through the rotation. Of the Bonderman-Willis pending decision, Leyland said, "I don't know what we're going to do - we're in a dilemma.”

    For now, Bonderman's return gives the Tigers six starters for a five-man rotation. Thus Leyland has six relievers instead of the standard complement of seven.

This is sort of a reverse Sophie's Choice. Meryl Streep loved both her children, and was forced to send one to a terrible fate. Jim Leyland probably can't stand Bonderman or Willis, but he's being forced to employ one in a key role. Let us review ...
since the first day of the 2008 season, Willis is 1-5 with a 7.83 ERA in 54 innings.

Same span, Bonderman is 3-5 with a 4.78 ERA in 75 innings.

Leyland's Choice doesn't seem that difficult, does it? If Bonderman's at all healthy, he has to start Sunday against the Pirates, if only so the Tigers can see what they've got. If he's even halfway-effective, it's easy. If he's not, we start this sad movie over again.

(H/T: Buster)