Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links are going on strike immediately and won't return to work until Alex Rodriguez hits another home run ...

• There have been dozens of tributes to Ernie Harwell already, and it's hardly fair to single out just a few of them ... but of course I will anyway. You can't go too far wrong reading John Lowe (for the local perspective) and Joe Posnanski (for everything else).

• Howard Bryant's book about Henry Aaron isn't officially available until next week, but review copies are floating around (I hope mine shows up today) and Allen Barra has taken particular interest in Aaron's problematic relationship with Willie Mays.

• Maybe I should save this for the weekend because it's not a quick read. Not at all. But if you want to dig into 1930s baseball, I mean dig deep, you'll find no better place on the I-tubes than Tom Ruanes Retro-Review of the '30s.

• This year, I'm finally keeping track of stuff. And this -- from Dustin Pedroia's defense of David Ortiz, via Gordon Edes -- is going on the list: "A couple of years ago I had 60 at-bats and I was hitting .170 and everybody was ready to kill me too. What happened? Laser show."

Laser show!

• Jason Turbow, who knows as much about The Codes as anyone, lists 10 unwritten baseball rules you might now know (and by the way, I finished Turbow's book last weekend and it's a good one).

• Bob Timmermann interviews Josh Wilker (and Wilker's book gets a couple of lovely props in a big magazine).

• Which New York hitter gets the most love from the umpires? Shocking. (Not.)

• And in the latest episode of "When Ex-players Attack" ...

• Video of the Week: So this guy caught a home run at Dodger Stadium ... and filmed the whole thing from bat to glove. (You try it sometime!)