Joe Maddon apparently likes birds

From Roger Mooney in the Tampa Tribune:

All manager Joe Maddon would say about this afternoon’s pregame guest is that it will be another member of the animal kingdom.

Maddon, who brought in a DJ on Saturday and a magician Sunday, walked around the clubhouse Tuesday afternoon and conducted his pregame media session with Mindy, a 22-year-old Umbrella Cockatoo, perched on his arm and left shoulder.

“Just another little diversion,” Maddon said. “I’ve always loved birds. I’ve always wanted one of these.”

Mindy has been living in Sunken Gardens for the past five years. She has a life expectancy of 80 to 90 years, according to her owner, P.J. Murray of Tierra Verde.

The acts and animals are all part of Maddon’s way to take some of the pressure off as players tried to rebound from a 2-7 road trip.

“Let’s take the other road less traveled by which would be the one with birds in your clubhouse,” Maddon said.

Stay tuned. Let's just hope it's not one of these giant snails. Unless it can hit.