David Price's fastball isn't as fast

David Price, reigning AL Cy Young winner, hasn't pitched liked David Price: He's 1-3 in seven starts with a 6.25 ERA and batters are hitting .302 off him, including eight home runs -- half of the 16 he allowed last year.

Jason Collette of The Process Report has a good take on one issue of Price's: His velocity is down. Check out Jason's work and some cool graphs showing how in his weekend start against the Rockies, Price reverted to a lot more secondary pitches later in the outing.

I don't think it's "sky is falling" time just yet. As we've learned with Felix Hernandez, good pitchers learn to adjust and Price's velocity is still plenty excellent. And it may start improving as the season moves forward anyway. Still, that doesn't mean there aren't issues of concern here; the Rays aren't going to make the playoffs with Price winning one of every seven starts.