Monday Mendozas

Today's links are better served late than never (I hope) ...
• Lynn Henning is right, of course: the Tigers simply can't keep running Dontrelle Willis out there every five days. This was obvious even before the latest debacle, and would be true even if the Tigers weren't actually actually contending for a playoff spot.

• I showed up to read Fun Facts about Farnsworth that make Farnsworth look decidedly non-clutchy, but stuck around for yet another example of Trey Hillman's bizarre stategery. (For the record, though? Farnsworth, over his entire career, has been almost exactly as good in clutch situations as in non-clutch.)

• From 11 Points -- "Because Top 10 Lists are for Cowards" -- 11 Major League Baseball feats that have happened just once.

• Fantastic lede in Alan Schwarz's piece about Pat Venditte:

    The Yankees, whose bullpen is among the worst in the American League, have two arms in Class A ball leading the minor leagues in saves. The left-handed one has kept hitters to a .121 batting average; the right-handed one has not walked anyone in 20 innings. This would all be rather straightforward, except that both arms belong to the same body.

What makes the story worth reading, though, is that it's just not about the strangeness of Pat Venditte; we already get that. More, it's a balanced look at why he's still stuck in Class A.
• Jeff Pearlman goes a long way toward explaining why I'm glad I do what I do.

• Was Watching presents some (admittedly prelimary) findings regarding the stamina of Joba Chamberlain.

• I know it's time to let this thing go and I will, soon. But in case you haven't been following the Raul Ibanez-and-BBWAA-orthodoxy-vs.-bloggers kerfuffle, here's a a real good roundup (including plenty of solid comments).

• If you used to spend most of your disposable income on "wax packs" -- as I did, for a few years -- you know exactly what Chris Jaffe's talking about.