Borbon tries Rangers' patience

Julio Borbon has been awful. In fact, as BBTiA's Joey Matschulat notes, Borbon is working on something historical. What should the Rangers do? Joey's big finish:

Josh Hamilton? David Murphy? Those are last-resort options, the kind you employ when the rest of the center field depth chart has contracted some horrible illness. What would seem to make the most sense on paper is some sort of split playing-time arrangement involving Craig Gentry and Brandon Boggs (both at Triple-A Oklahoma City, and both raking), with Borbon being one roster casualty and Joaquin Arias being the other, and then seeing about working in Endy Chavez if/when he's ready to go, but I question how much faith the Rangers have in any one of the Gentry/Boggs/Chavez triumvirate, particularly as far as their capacity to perform consistently during a pennant race goes.

That the Rangers have been able to maintain a two-game lead in spite of overall replacement-level performance at catcher, first base, third base and center field is a testament to those players who are performing at a very high level, but it's also a function of the relative weakness of this division. Count me among those who simply cannot get comfortable with the idea of putting the Rangers' destiny in another team's hands.

Well, you can count me among those who can't get comfortable with the idea of putting the Rangers' destiny in the hands of Brandon Boggs and Craig Gentry. I mean, I suppose a sort of platoon might be reasonably effective, but baseball men generally despise center-field platoons and I doubt if the Rangers' men are much different.

Joey suggests that the Rangers give Borbon two more weeks to produce, at which point it's time to make a move. These things are inherently imprecise, but I think I would give him at least four weeks unless he's so down on himself that a confidence-building stint with Oklahoma seems necessary rather than momentarily convenient. Because unless Borbon's hurt, he's still the most talented center fielder the club has.