Giants struggle, Posey rots in Fresno

The Giants are 14th in the National League in scoring. The Giants have one of baseball's top hitting prospects in Triple-A, where he's raking. As Jack Moore notes, there's obviously something wrong with this picture:

    Supposedly, defense is the reason that the Giants are keeping Buster Posey down in the minor leagues. Posey has excelled with the arm this year; he’s thrown out 44% of basestealers so far this season. That reason, however, breaks down when we see Buster Posey spending time at first base as he is in today’s lineup for the Fresno Grizzlies.

    Posey’s MLE for his current line at AAA is a .293/.366/.437 triple slash line. Prior to the season, both CHONE and ZiPS projected Posey as a roughly average major league hitter, just above what they projected Bengie Molina. Taking into account defense, baserunning, and upside, and Posey was surely the correct choice for a team wanting to make a run at the postseason. Posey is producing at an even higher level in AAA this season, suggesting that he’s even better than these pre-season projections.

    Especially with the position that the Giants are in right now, there is no excuse for Posey to remain in AAA. He has nothing left to learn there. The Giants need has bat in the lineup, and they need it before they lose any more ground to San Diego and Los Angeles.

Well, there's one excuse, isn't there? I'm hazy on this because Posey did spend some time on the 25-man roster last September. But won't keeping Posey down for a few more weeks potentially save the Giants a few million bucks down the road?

And if Posey's preseason projection was roughly the same as Molina's, isn't it too early to assume those projections were wildly off?

In a vacuum, of course you bring Posey up. Shoot, in a vacuum you brought him up last August and gave him Molina's job. But you can sort of understand the Giants' thinking here, can't you?

At this moment, Molina's under contract. At this moment, the Giants' strength is their pitching and a lot of people still believe that catchers play a significant role in pitching. At this moment, first baseman Aubrey Huff might be the Giants' best hitter. At this moment, Posey's (presumably) learning things in the Pacific Coast League and not racking up major league service time.

Yeah, I'd probably bring him up anyway. But you know, it wouldn't make much of a difference unless Posey was quickly followed by a few, similarly talented Fresno Grizzlies. And I'm not finding those guys on Fresno's roster.