Friday Filberts

Today's links are ready for Stephen Strasburg to reach the majors so they can start obsessing about Aroldis Chapman ...

* Well, here's something different: Old Hoss Radbourn reviews a book about ... Old Hoss Radbourn. (Spoiler: Your pappy might enjoy it.)

* Is C.J. Wilson for real? Eno Sarris thinks he might be (including spider chart!).

* This isn't normally the sort of thing I would recommend, but the rawness of Albert Pujols' and Chris Young's emotions, two years later, really got to me.

* There's an interesting discussion here about different fielding metrics, but the take-home is that Scott Rolen is a Hall of Fame-quality player.

* Sometimes it's good to be reminded of things we learned so long ago that we might now take them for granted.

* The Common Man with a nice primer on umps behaving badly (and yes, Cotton Eyed Country Joe West is far from the first).

* Hey, at least Ted Lilly doesn't deny that he was cheating.

* Remember that study about baseball-playing brothers and aggressiveness? According to Phil Birnbaum, maybe not so much.