Get used to current alignment


Buster Olney reports that, for all of the recent chatter about realignment, radical or otherwise, Bud Selig's Gold Star, Blue Ribbon, extra-special committee hasn't dealt with the issue at all, and that they're not expected to. Olney says the subject is "a dead issue."

The real reason, according to "a highly ranked team executive" is that there is just no will on the part of anyone in baseball to make those kinds of changes.

I've always had this sense, but I think that realignment is basically a sports writers' issue, not anything anyone in the game really cares about.

As I wrote a few times earlier this spring, there was never any real reason to think realignment was imminent; that talk was overblown, just as it was overblown 15 years ago. There are two running themes here: change is hard, and Commissioner Allan H. "Bud" Selig. I've said it before but I'll say it again: If you're waiting for realignment, you'll have to wait for a new commissioner.

In 1993, Bud created the 16- and 14-team leagues, and said "Let there be interleague play." Bud created three divisions in each league, and said, "Let there be wild cards." Bud saw that wild cards were good, and that interleague play was good (just not every day). And Bud, like very few other things in the universe, seems to be immortal.

Except he's not. Someday there will be a new commissioner, who will say and like other things. Someday we might have two 16-team leagues, or two 15-team leagues with interleague games every day and two wild cards in each league, or something that we've not even considered yet. But nothing interesting will happen while He still beholds all that he has made, and finds it very good.