Tuesday Taters

Today's links are still thinking about their grandfathers, all of whom served overseas during World War II ...

* Going back to the 1960s, Ubaldo Jimenez is one of only seven pitchers to allow two or fewer runs in at least his first 10 starts of the season.

* Our greatest expert in baseball's dead during World War II hails from a quiet suburb of Glasgow, Scotland. Go figure.

* Sure, maybe what's ailing Jeff Francoeur are all those voices in his head. Or this is just who he is. Considering his career stats, I'm inclined to suspect the latter.

* In the wake of Monday's walk-off balk, we'll go back seven years for this list of notably odd walk-off jobs.

* Tangotiger with some withering words for "the media" about overreacting to the importance of any single player (let alone a single relief pitcher).

* Has anyone ever seen Matt Garza and Zoltar in the same place?

* For the record, it was a dyed-in-the-wool Yankees fan who took these pictures.

* Vocabulary Word of the Week (with illustration!): tessellate.