Wang earns another start

Pete Abraham on the immediate future of a certain Bronx sinkerballer:

    Joe Girardi said he wanted to watch the tape first before taking any decisions. But he also said that it's "safe to say” Chien-Ming Wang will stay in the rotation.
    The Nationals got five outs in the fifth inning thanks to the blown call at first base and the dropped throw by Ramiro Pena.

    "That was the old Wang,” Jorge Posada said. "Everything I saw was positive. He gave us a chance to win that game.”

    Wang reported that his wife and newborn son are doing well. "The baby is cute,” Wang said. "He looks like me.” CMW was in the delivery room for the birth and cut the cord.

    It's a hideous loss for the Yankees against the worst team in baseball. But if it helps lead to Wang returning to form, the night won't be a total loss.

And the loss wasn't actually so hideous. Sure, the Nationals are the worst team in baseball. But they lost to John Lannan, who's far from the worst pitcher in baseball. And as bad as the Nats have been, it's mostly because of their lousy non-Lannan pitching, as their hitters actually have the second-best road OPS in the National League.
Also, it's baseball; you can't win 'em all. Just ask CMW, who's now 0-5 on the season. But he did pitch reasonably well against the Nationals, and 10 of the 12 batted balls against him were on the ground, which might be the best sign of all. Pending the watching of the tape, Wang seems to have earned another start.

And not for nothing, but in Phil Hughes' last seven appearances -- three starts, then four relief jobs -- he's got 31 strikeouts and five walks in 26 innings. So if Wang's performance Wednesday night was a bit of a mirage and Girardi finds out the hard way, at least he's covered.