Mets' Matthews still an Angel

Gee, this is a complete surprise:

    The Mets designated Gary Matthews Jr. for assignment, according to the team. They also called catcher Omir Santos and infielder Ruben Tejada up and placed Luis Castillo on the 15-day DL in related moves. Matthews earns $11MM this year and $12MM next year, but the Angels are still responsible for all but $500K of his 2010 salary and all but $1MM next season.


    Carlos Beltran's injury gave Matthews the opportunity to win regular playing time, but Angel Pagan's excellent all-around play means the Mets didn't have to rely on Matthews.

Rather than hammer the Angels for spending (nearly) $50 million on Little Sarge -- after all, I've done that many times before, and with great vigor -- instead I'd just like to use this little episode to make a point ...

When it comes to the money a team is spending on players, there are two numbers I would like to know:

1. How much money the players on the roster are making, and

2. How much money all the players are making, including everyone on the 40-man roster and everyone who, for whatever reason, is still drawing a paycheck from the club (even if indirectly, as was presumably the case with Matthews).

I just believe that any report on payroll you see that doesn't include the $10.5 million the Angels are paying Matthews this season (to not play) is incomplete. Particularly if you're doing something interesting like figuring marginal wins per dollar.