Will Glavine pitch in 2009?

Have we seen the last of Tom Glavine? Looks like we probably have. From MLB Rumors:

    Breaking news out of Atlanta: Tom Glavine told Buck Lanford of Fox 5 Atlanta that he won't pitch in 2009.
    "I'm not going to pitch or do anything in baseball until at least next year.” Glavine stopped short, according to Fox 5, of announcing his retirement, saying he plans to be "a full-time dad.”

    The decision leaves Pedro Martinez as the surefire Hall of Fame pitcher remaining in the free agent market. Glavine did not announce his retirement, though it is hard to imagine him returning after taking the rest of the season off.

    The decision is surprising for a number of reasons. For one thing, Glavine had been so adamant about objecting to his treatment by the Braves, who released him following his final rehab start.

    For another, who knew people Tom Glavine's age knew how to text?

Hilarious. I know lots of guys Glavine's (and my) age who know how to text. We're just not real quick about it.
Anyway, this is surprising only if we don't read between the lines a little bit. I figured that Glavine could still do enough to get a job with some desperate club as a fifth starter, but his (unofficial) retirement suggests that he didn't want to pitch for a desperate team, or didn't show enough to attract even someone who is desperate.

Either way, it looks to me like Glavine just didn't have an attractive offer. Which is kind of a shame, as I kind of wanted to see him pitch at least one more time. But only if he could pitch kind of well.