Cabrera just another struggling A

Aaron Gleeman, on one of the many disappointing Athletics:

    Orlando Cabrera, after making two defensive mistakes yesterday: "I suck. I don't even know how to describe it. I suck. For real. I'm getting old, maybe. Maybe a day off is what I need. I'll take it if there's a spot they want me to do that."
    Normally I'd say that Cabrera is being overly hard on himself, but that's a tough argument to make for someone who's hitting .234/.285/.295 with 11 errors and an Ultimate Zone Rating of -5.2 runs in 65 games.

    And yes, maybe he is just getting old. Not many shortstops have remained Gold Glove-caliber defenders in their mid-30s and he'll be 35 years old in November.

Boy, the A's must be the unluckiest franchise in the history of professional sports.
OK, not really. But let's look at the three veterans the A's added to their lineup this season ...

Jason Giambi, 2008: .247/.373/.502
Jason Giambi, 2009: .206/.339/.383


Matt Holliday, 2008: .321/.409/.538
Matt Holliday, 2009: .274/.372/.435

And finally, for the coop-d'grace ...

Orlando Cabrera, 2008: .281/.334/.371
Orlando Cabrera, 2009: .234/.285/.295

And there's Cabrera's defense, which has somehow gone -- if UZR's any guide, anyway -- from quite good in 2008 to quite lousy in 2009. How does that happen, exactly? I simply don't believe that a few months on the calendar is anywhere near a good explanation for what's happened to Cabrera's numbers. Maybe he's fat. Maybe he's hurt. Maybe he's just the unluckiest sonuvagun since Calamity John Lyne.

I just don't get it. I just don't get how all the bad things that were supposed to happened to the A's, have happened. And how all the good things that were supposed to happen to the A's, have not happened.

But maybe that's just sour grapes of my own. The Athletics are in last place. I said they would be first.