New blog: Inside the 'Zona

Our newest addition to the SweetSpot network is Inside the 'Zona, a site offering analysis on the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Ryan P. Morrison has followed the D-backs since Luis Gonzalez blooped the late '90s Yankees dynasty into oblivion, and by day he's an attorney representing whistleblowers under the False Claims Act. He's joined by Jeff Wiser, a professional in education who's been an avid fan of the sabermetric movement for several years.

Inside the 'Zona monitors the Arizona roster (like Thursday's post on potential September callups) and the performance of minor leaguers (like this check-in on 2013 draftees), while also offering analysis on lineup construction, pitch selection and the like.

With Patrick Corbin having such a great sophomore season, Ryan also recently looked back at the Dan Haren trade with the Angels -- a deal that netted the D-backs Corbin, Joe Saunders and Tyler Skaggs.

You can follow Ryan on Twitter at @InsidetheZona and Jeff at @OutfieldGrass24.