Friday Filberts

Today's links are so excited about "Toy Story 3," they can hardly contain themselves!

  • If Mike Scioscia were really a great manager, he'd have thought of this before losing his best hitter for the season.

  • Buried in this human-interest story is a classy move by someone who works for the Cleveland Indians.

  • Julio Lugo's still looking for his first extra-base hit, 110 at-bats into the season. He's not even close to the post-1920 record, though. In 1968, Horace Clarke went 168 at-bats without one ... and when that elusive double finally came, Clarke did not have the lowest slugging percentage in the league. As Retrosheet's Tom Ruane notes, "Both Leo Cardenas (who had 20 homers two years earlier) and Ron Fairly (the Dodgers' right-fielder!) had lower slugging percentages (.197 and .218) than Clarke. Something to keep in mind when people say that the low scoring this year reminds them of 1968: It shouldn't."

  • It's been just 11 games, but nobody with the Giants can figure out why Pat the Bat had such terrible struggles in the American League.

  • You want an excuse to take the rest of the day off? Biz of Baseball has published two vital documents that have forever been generally unavailable to the public (and most of the media). This is a real trove, friends.

  • Will Joe Mauer's 2009 power ever show up again? I link, you decide.

  • Robinson Cano has perhaps been the best player in the majors this season, thanks to more balls flying over the fence (which probably won't hold) and his transformation into a solid defensive player (which might).